I am the itch.

Starting Over

So here we are again. I’ve decided to start over.

Any particular reason, you ask? Well, there’s are a few:

  1. Running Wordpress actually requires a lot of resources, which for the way my web host was set up, costs money.
  2. I’ve decided that posting all of my writing for free online is a bad idea.
  3. I want a site where I can just focus on writing my thoughts about writing.

As far as #3 goes, I wanted to make a site where I could just focus on writing the actual text and getting my thoughts out, instead of uploading images, hyperlinking to videos, thinking about design, etc. I won’t go into too much detail, but for that reason I thought I’d give this Jekyll thing a try. Which, of course, was followed by many hours of pain and suffering learning about setting up what is essentially a development environment in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as well as configuring git so I can use it on my web host.

Jesus, I just want to write blog posts, not be a developer (ok, I’m done ranting - obviously I’ve got it to work and in the future I will try to keep the tech nerd aspects of the blog to a minimum).

Regarding #1, on the plus side, this now means that my blog is literally just static HTML, CSS, images, etc. and doesn’t require a database or anything like that which will make it considerably cheaper to host. Once you do go through all the pain and suffering of getting all the pieces in place, I do see the appeal as it allows you to just write. And all I have to do is write in plain text (well, actually, markdown) and I get these nice blog posts. The Tale theme for Jekyll seemed like a pretty good choice - it looks like the website of a writer, and actually didn’t take that much legwork to get working once all of the aforementioned pain and suffering of getting Jekyll going was done.

Finally regarding #2, I think posting everything for free when I could be submitting it to get published somewhere was a poor choice. I know from experience with my old /r/nosleep friends that this doesn’t usually end well, as people suck, and inevitably will steal and/or take credit for what you’ve done. There’s some saying about knowing your worth, not giving away for free what you do well enough to get paid for. Well, I haven’t been published yet, but I think some of my writing may fall into this category.

Now to get a domain name again…. hopefully one that’s really cheap. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: .xyz domain names are dirt cheap, who knew? Good enough.